Sunday, April 25, 2010

Herzog's first day

After pooping everywhere and drinking some water, Herzog wanted to play!

At first he was more interested in my sleeve than in either of his toys.

I eventually convinced him that Tiger was more fun to chew on than my hoodie... Temporarily, at least.

Nothing in particular going on here, he's just being cute.

He insists on climbing in to everyone's lap. He is super cuddly, and loves anyone warm. He spent a good while today snuggling up to my neighbor's grandson because it was chilly outside.

All tired out from all that playing and cuddling.

I sneezed and woke him up. He was not happy. Sorry Herzog.

Right now he's snoozing on my lap and dream-chasing some beast or another. He must be about to catch it, because he's smacking his jaws.

Thunderstorm is starting, so I guess we'll soon see how brave of a pup he is when it comes to sudden loud noises.

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